Prophet's Bane vs. Energy Sword

This is just another “just out of curiosity” type of question. What’s the big difference between the Energy Sword and Prophet’s Bane? It’s already been confirmed that both exist, but why? What is so different that they’ve been split into two completely different weapons? Does anybody know?

Bumping once just in case anybody who knows didn’t see this the first time.

Prophets bane makes you faster and makes your lunge distance greater at the cost of higher visibility.

idk shoulda just had the energy sword no need for another sword with a stupid name

I think there’s probably some type of campaign story reason for this being orange and the other changes, but I kind of like the Prophet’s Bane. I like the speed boost and LOVE that the glow makes it difficult to see on your screen. I think it’s a good system of give and take with the sword.