Prophet's Bane and Energy Sword

All right, even after about two and half weeks people still think that the prophet’s bane and the energy sword are the same thing!


Prophet’s Bane:

  • Is the Arbiters personal energy sword used to kill the prophet of regret in Halo 3
  • Is Yellow/White
  • Gives a slight speed boost effect when being wielded
  • Has a greater lunge than the energy sword
  • Is bigger than the energy sword
  • Gives off more light than the energy sword

Energy Sword

  • Classic energy sword
  • Is Blue
  • Gives no speed boost
  • Has a smaller lunge than the prophet’s bane
  • Is smaller than the prophet’s bane
  • Gives off less light than the prophet’s bane


  • They are both swords
  • They are both close quarter’s combat weapons
  • They are both covenant weapons
  • They are both power weapons in the beta

These two weapons are not the same weapon!

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I meant prophet of Truth not Regret