proper match-ups PLEASE

I’ve only been gaming for about 8 months now. No matter how hard i practice i cannot hold my own againts people who have been playing Halo for like, 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, I DO WANT a challenging experience, but not immidiate and total annihilation! How about 3 matchmaking rings - noobs, decent players, and the Halo-ninjas-who-will-kill-you-and-your-lineage with 1 shot type-players. OOO - the choice of which group you want to play with. I mean, I play the campaigns on Legendary with at least 3 skulls but in matchmaking (at least with the MCC) I’m tickled pink when I get killed ONLY 1.5x the amount that I kill. It didn’t seem to be so impossible while on the 360 (just bought my One last week). I realize that you can’t get better without challenges but i don’t want to play as a beginner when the ENTIRE opposition are ninjas!