Prop design questions

Hello, I was wondering if someone from 343’s side could contact me about a few questions I had, along with a potential proposition.

TL;DR (what I want to do)
i want to make props and eventually full cosplay works for 343 with heavy interest in halo but definitely willing to work on other things. However, I want to do it legally with either permitted unlicensed or talk around with getting a lisence.

TL;DR (Offers)
Advertising on social media from sales, or by request if needed
shares of sales… even though just starting up would probably go unnoticed, but I’m aiming high!
thats really about it… I would just be a subcontractor unless someone sees something in me from this post.

The wall of text on why >…> insert brace yourself meme

-Intro to gaming and cosplay
when I was younger, halo was not only my what dove me into gaming, but into cosplay as well. I was making costumes and props to hang and display in my room and even wound up doing a bunch of one off full cosplay builds.

-Skills to unexpected career that boosted the skills
This skill eventually landed me a job as an aerospace finisher for unmanned drone parts and Shelby cobra (sub contract from one of the ceo’s)
In my 5 years at the company, I moved up to being the manager of the aero cutting department. Do to an influx of contracts I was doing everything in aerospace I could get my hands on. Design engineering, finishing, material cutting, lamination, mold fabrication, repair, and preparation.

-Unfortunate end / new start possibility
the reason I never named the company is do to the wrongful termination case, it was fishy and shadier than a black hole >…>
but, this job did hone in all my prop and cosplay skills, and taught me so many others do to how much work and OT was available all over the place. I don’t want that to go to waist, and having an entire garage to work with is just pushing me towards asking.

-About me
im an easy going thin but over grown girl standing at an unfortunate 6’2” haha.
I can hear, but I’ve been physically unable to speak for a little over a year. Makes conversations and streaming tough but very interesting.
My personality is rather relaxed, Modesty being the most apparent trait. I do my best to put my work and others before myself as it’s shown to go a longer way :slight_smile:
aside from that I basically learn new skills anywhere I can, jack of all trades with a specialty in hand made fabrication ^.^
and very patient! Bee keeping in high school taught me how important that was >…> you cant get mad at bees, bad idea!

I think you might need to send an actual email to 343 themselves. Try the main Discord, some of the employees are there, they might be able to direct you to someone who can help out.