Proof of cross-core already being in-game for a while now

Here’s the evidence that cross-core has been a thing for a good amount of pieces for a while now. Where is it 343?

Will you say again that it’ll take time to implement when that’s not true and this is already possible?


Images in the video - I believe - were created in blendr or some other software. However, Yes it is in the game and bots repeatedly show that it can be done.

Probably yes, while they likely would have to fix somethings before rolling it out for release, they are also - almost definitely - holding off releasing it so they can figure out how to limit it and re-monetize it. If they did the right thing and released it as a whole without any restrictions, it would require a lot more work and dev time to create new content. This comes out to a drastic reduction in quarterly estimated profits and increased debt.

Instead what they’ll probably do is release it in drips and continue to profit from re-selling the same stuff to people multiple times

  • Looking at all the pieces in all of the kits we’ve already unlocked

broo they really did us dirty with no cross core. And i remember correctly when they announced there would be so much options to customize spartans like reach when they gave us monthly updates. So were is it 343, r u guys milking people as much as possible until u guys get enough backlash. The thing about that is u guys r gambling with the player base and we can already see the result how that turned out.

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Ah, ok

MMmm no, I wont say much but this is in game. 343 tried to mute me in their discord btw for sharing it as its actually a thing.

You should send detailed examples/proof of what you know to content creators to get the word out. Not saying I don’t believe you, currently it’s just difficult to know what is actually possible. Half of the modding community says it’s literally as simple as flicking a switch and the other half says it’s complicated and would take a lot of work to implement and make it possible.

Personally I don’t know when, how, or if it can/will be added. The one thing I do know for sure is (if it’s added) it won’t be done in a player first manner. Unless someone widely shows how possible it is and can demonstrate that they are literally scamming us and deliberately holding back its function.


Im working on it, dont worry.


The bots had cross core customization since day one, so we’ve all known that cross core was somewhat possible. According to 343, they just designed it not to work properly for players because they intended to sell cosmetics for each Core separately which would maximize profits in the store.

If it wasn’t done this way, then 343 needs to come out and admit that they made a mistake and created a faulty UI or tell us the truth as to why Bots have full cross core but players don’t.


Please keep me posted if someone makes/will make a video on it, if not I may have someone who will.

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BasedSpartan has been the latest to make a video on it, currently we are trying to see if more influential YT can help us spread the info. If you can help in any way, that’d be appreciated.


Entirely accurate. That fact alone invalidates any of the 343 defense force arguments


If they double charge for anything cross core once it comes out they’re done. They will have surpassed EA in greed and they will have a dead game on their hands. Just think about how much more money they could make if they have more than 5000 loyal players. I’m not putting it past MS and 343 to kill this franchise with poor decisions so I fully expect them to charge multiple times for cross core customization.

Keep an eye on the Reach shoulders from the kits. Back-end you already unlocked them they are just currently hidden in the UI. I believe they are planning on re-selling them though. Even if they don’t re-sell them and make them unlockable via gameplay, this sets a ridiculous and deceptive precedent. This would only grant them a green light to resell other kit items in the future.

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