Proof campaign Legend achievements are broken.

So I finally completed all Halo games on legendary by myself.

Anyway here’s the video I uploaded showing that I unlocked the legendary skull on all the Halo levels:

And here’s my broken achievements, inaccurate completions:
I have been trying to troubleshoot these issues, the fact is it seems Legendary missions don’t always track on Halo 2 or 4, has nothing to do with what skulls you’re currently using since I turned them off and still no achievement.
So in total I have lost out all legend achievements and the solo legendary achievement because of this glitch, possibly more that I may have not noticed. What’s also funny is the achievements seem to think I was so good at the game that it awarded me several co-op achievements when I have never completed any co-op missions on the MCC.
My main goal was to complete them solo so being given them for something I hadn’t done irritates me a bit but I was hoping to get my legend marathon done before the Halo 5 beta turned up.