Promethian Pistol Shown in UNSC Weapons Vid!

During the Rocket Launcher portion of the UNSC weapons video, at 43 seconds in, the player switches from the Rockets to a small Promethian weapon resembling a pistol. I don’t know if this has been found yet, but I thought I’d spread the word anyway. Here’s a link to the version of the video with Bravo’s commentary.

You’re a bit late bud.

Sorry to inform you, not a promethan weapon. Just a regular old magnum.

You so sure about that, Bigfoot? I don’t recall the magnum having a glowing yellow-orange light on the back of it. IT’s a tad confusing, I know, because there’s a scene on Longbow with a player switching from rocket to magnum, then that scene is immediately followed by a scene in Adrift of aplayer switching from rocket to the pistol mentioned in the op. Two back-to-back rocket-to-handgun scenes, both right around the 0:43 mark, but clearly…

Whether or not Aeterna was the first to notice, or mention, this here is another matter, but that definitely is not a UNSC magnum, nor does it look like any of the other handguns revealed thus far (sticky detonator, plasma pistol). So eitiher it’s a forerunner pistol, or perhaps it’s a lightrifle or scattershot and the clip cut away before the weapon could go into the “form up” animation.

A beastly looking pistol, dare I say.

it shoots flames and doesnt afraid of anything


With the recent video releases, it’s clear this is the Boltshot, a Promethean pistol with both a semi-auto and a charged “shotgun blast” firing mode. Also, it apparently has headshot capability. I think I’ve found my new favorite sidearm for Halo.