Prometheans, their weapons, and how they fit in the Halo 4 sandox

Question for the Halo 4 experts out there. How do the Prometheans fit into the whole “Plasma is great against Shields” and “Bullets are great against Health” mechanics? And, how does the Tilt Skull effect those statuses?

I recently played through Halo 4 again, on Legendary with the Tilt Skull enabled. When combating Knights and Watchers, I didn’t really notice a difference between Plasma and Bullet damage. Neither seemed to do any better than one another, at least not in any noticable capacity.

Hardlight (Promethean) weapons, however, did seem to be more effective against them, most notibly the Scattershot and Incineration Cannon. But, I don’t know if this is because of it being the true intention, or because of improper weapon balance.

Some light internet searching didn’t find me any results.

in h4 hardlight weapons do way more damage to health than bullet weapons.
The way I understand it is in h4 hardlight weapons do more damage to health. plasma weapons do more damage to shields and bullet weapons is more like jack-of-all-trades dealing equal amounts of damage having headshot capability

Makes since lore wise, considering that Hardlight was suppose to be effective against the Flood.