Prometheans ability to morph.

So with the Prometheans [especially the knights] not having any hands dont you think it would be possible for them to use a morphing ability to change body parts or become different things possibly morph the guns on their hands to another.

out of what we have seen from them the knights are pretty amazing. they have the ability to teleport, summon or create a new promethean. along with being very agile and having exorbitant amounts of strength and speed.

why not give them the ability to morph their body to become more of a threat in difrent situations. they are already a fun enemy to fight why not make them more challenging if we give them this ability

The Knights do have hands…

Like Flood Pure Forms morphing into Stalkers, Tanks, or Ranged?

It could work…

No, I’d rather have them look like they do now all the time. Plus, they do have arms.