Promethean Weapons

Anyone think we will see weapons of Promethean origin return in Halo Infinite. I didn’t really use them in Halo 5 (especially compared to Halo 4’s heyday) but I did enjoy the weapon diversity when playing online multiplayer, it really made the game feel more alive. Given the more traditional route that 343 is taking with Halo Infinite, I got my doubts the prometheans themselves will appear but it doesn’t mean their weapons should follow the same possible fate. The Banished are not above salvaging weapons outside their origin, same was for Jul Mdama’s faction when they were on the scene, also gravity hammers were in Halo 4 and 5 without their commonly associated users, the Jiralhanaes.

I’d rather not include them considering their function is essentially the same with some tweaks. Less sandbox clutter would be for the best.

Functionality has got to be unique otherwise i really caution against overcrowding the arsenal. But hey WZ already set the threshold for that nonsense pretty high, almost anything would be an improvement.

Promethean weapons were incredibly redundant and didn’t offer any significant variety compared to the other weapons in the franchise(Save the h5 binary rifle, that was interesting and the best attempt at something similar to the focus rifle I’ve seen). If any forerunner weapons are in Halo Infinite, and we know at least one is, I hope it has unique theme in the sandbox by messing with physics. I’d love a grenade that creates a physics impulse on impact, doing no damage but launching objects/players. I’d love a weapon similar to the gravity gun, with low range but pushes objects and lets you get traffic cone kills on demand. A long-range forerunner weapon that has a charge time but can pierce cover would be interesting. Something that interacts with maps and allows players with good positioning to beat their opponents would be exciting and unique to the sandbox.

I love weapons that also give extra mobility, I really hope we get to see the brute shot return as it’s great for rocket jumps, as was the gravity hammer in Halo 3. Of course these aren’t nearly as exciting with clamber thrown into the mix

I like the H5 Binary and Incineration Cannon. But, I hate the latter in the hands of enemies because they show no indication before firing it. I enjoy having it available for players to use though because of how ridiculously overpowered it is. The Binary feels different than the Sniper too because of its “beam.” I think it’s balanced well because on one hand you have a one-shot weapon, but your enemies can always see when you use the scope.

That said, I really hope we don’t see much of anything Promethean anymore. I find they are very poorly balanced and are a pure chore to fight. Teleporting, reviving, healing, and tanking are all terrible design choices and the qualities the Prometheans exhibit. Pair that with powerful weapons like the Incineration Cannon and all you have is a big mound of frustration. The Covenant have always been fun to fight and I’m more than okay with getting a rebranded version in The Banished. If we get a new faction to complement them, great. If not, that’s great too.

The Promethean weapon sandbox needs another serious rework. The Incinerator Cannon, Scattershot, and suppressor all need a rework from the ground up to be more than orange rockets, shotgun, and smg/needler respectively. The Binary Rifle in Halo 5 was okay, but I wouldn’t be against more changes. The Halo 4 Light Rifle had potential, and the Halo 4 Boltshot would be perfectly fine in a game that doesn’t have loadouts. Also all forerunner weapons firing hardlight should disintegrate enemies, not just the power weapons, its a good way to make those weapons feel powerful without affecting balance.

The potential is there to fix prometheans and their sandbox.

I hope to see you in infinite