Promethean Weapon Question

So after watching the promethean weapons trailer, I saw that the new weapons are basically hybridisations of what the current human and covenant weapons do, into a cool new skin with added effects.

My question is what’s the point of the other weapons then? Obviously, if you can’t start with the promethean set in a loadout, then I’d say it’s quite balanced. But if it’s not, whats stopping the players to just use the most effective weapons (due to the hybrid style) from the get go?

Am I missing something here?

They’re not just reskins, they’re different to the counterparts.

Example: Scattershot shots bounce off walls, where as the energy sword cuts in an instant kill.
Mind also the human shotgun is… You know a shotgun with possibly more power but less range then scattershot.

They all play differently in the sandbox
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Most likely preference in aesthetics and dedication to their role.

A battlerifle unscoped is superior to that of an unscoped lightrifle.
Where as to use the lightrifle´s stronger shots, you need to always be scoped in - something you do not have to do with the DMR.

The Promethean weapons aren’t just advantages, there are weaknesses as well.

The Binary rifle for instance warns its target with a stream of light when being aimed near/at a player. Kinda like the One-shot in Gears of War 3, only without a noticable noise as well.

And the Promethean shotgun packs less of an immediate punch than the UNSC one.

Ah I see, thanks for that information. It’s very nice to see that 343 are infact, trying to give players a multitude of options for playstyles, rather than just a one-all-be-all kind of setup, like we’ve seen in previous titles.

I’ve been trying to avoid as much about the game as possible, but the weapon trailers seemed to be ok, so I was just basing my assumptions off those.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the boltshot :smiley:

Me gusta, I can’t wait for the game either. :frowning: And still, so far away…

well the promethean weapons still have their downsides, eg. the pistol cannot EMP like the PP, the suppressor is less accurate than the AR.

however, i honestly find that the way 343i approached promethean weapons a bit uninispired. i would have liked it if the weapons were something completely new, rather than being hybrids of human and covie weapons.

This brings up the point of ideas that are limited by a 6 year old system AND coming up with something that hasn’t been done before.

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that a sci-fi series has that Halo doesn’t have or is getting with Halo 4.

It’s all up to player preference.