Promethean Weapon and Enemy Ideas!

I just thought I would put up some of my Promethean Weapon and Enemy ideas. Weapons first!

Z-118 Propeller Rifle- Bearing similar characteristics to a longer boltshot, the Propeller launches smaller more compact Pulse Grenades in a cluster, which separate to explode. It also features a scope similar to the Light Rifle.

Z-571 Artisan Rapid Machine Gun- One of the only Promethean weapons to be carried on backs, the Artisan is the equivalent of the UNSC Machine Gun, it fires small electronic nano rounds which eat at the users armor until dying and exploding, corroding armor. It can be fired in short bursts or charged to completely destroy target. Accuracy is poor.

Z-373 Slayer Precision Rifle- A more rapid version of the Binary Rifle, the Slayer can be Contracted into a smaller pistol, and after running out of ammo the gun will overload and be sent flying at enemies. Double Trouble.

Crawler Hound- The top version of the crawler, this guard dog is only deployed under the best of Knights. It fires the binary rifle and carries two large claws which can pierce shields. They also carry large feet which allow it to jump high. They can deploy pods which after 3 seconds deploy other Hounds.

Knight Paladin- The Knights in charge of protecting the Ancient Evil itself, the Paladins carry kinetic shields on their right arm and a Blade on their left, they carry armored helmets and also extra shielding. When they die a grenade is deployed which can kill enemies. They carry no main weapon besides their blades.

Watcher Apostle- The leader of a squad of Watchers these special Prometheans were very large and could only come off of a Knight Paladin’s back. They wielded Z-118 Propeller Rifles, and knew how to use them. They unlike other Watchers could be revived by knights and could deploy legs to crawl. They also spawned mini-drones and other Watchers.

That is really it, thanks for checking it out! Could you pass on some feedback. Thanks, later spartans!

I think they just passed the needing-ideas stage last week

the game went gold awhile ago if you didn’t know that

I just with their was one more class and more types of Crawlers.

I know what this is for. This isn’t to ask for new weapons or enemies, but rather, to get creative and make up your own if you had the chance. There aren’t very many creative threads around here at all, and I might just have to participate in this one. Good show.

Yes I do know the game went gold but just to be creative. :wink:

Let’s see…

Type-77 Self-guided Munitions Launcher (Exotic): commonly referred to as the Disk Launcher or DL. This weapon features dual firing modes. When unscoped, the Disk Launcher will shoot a single spinning Promethean disk in a straight line, capable of a one-shot kill, but its travel time makes it less than optimal–better for CQC. When scoped, the Disk Launcher locks onto its target over a period of about a second and tracks them. Like a living thing, it bounces off walls and flies around cover to reach and then slice apart its target.

Class-03 Constant Laser Emitter (Exotic): commonly referred to as the Promethean Beam, PB, or Pro-beam. Similar (Both in function and appearance) to its counterpart, the Sentinel Beam, this weapon emits a continuous, direct stream of hardlight energy. The beam must stay on its target for a second or so to kill. If the trigger is held on for too long, however, all of the Promethean Beam’s energy will vent in a massive pulse at the target location, lasting less than a second but draining the shields of -even killing- everyone inside.

More weapons or enemies later, perhaps. Probably not. But hey, good to get he juices flowing.

I’d rather see some ECM than weapons. Things that say scramble the entire HUD so the enemy doesn’t know how many shots he has left, which grenade is out, and has no hit indicators.

I would take an armor ability that scrambles radar for the enemy around my vicinity so much. It doesn’t need to camo me, just scramble their radar around where I move. This is pretty much what I use Active Camo for in Reach a lot of the time for anyways.

A new grenade that drains energy from energy based weapons would be fun too.