Promethean Vision should not be in this game.

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Remake of a topic i recently made, unfortunately i let me frustrations get the better of me. So heres a much more constructive post in-which i hope we can all discuss the topic at hand.

Also i cover a discussion of even the nerfed form ov PV in this essay of mine

Now here is a link to a video where MLG pros comment on prometheon vision. A quote from one of the players was “prometheon vision changes the game completely”.

I am going to touch on a few more vital points and only comment on this topic if you fully understand how the new changes in the game affect the gameplay.

The MLG pros in question, more specifically Elamite have been around the game for a good decade, having played the game a lot more than a large portion of halo players and its safe to say they are much better and know the game much better than again a large portion of us players. As these players know the game that well, surely they can comment how the game mechanics will play out and affect the game over somebody who for example has never played online before and if Elamite was to debate with somebody who has never played online before about prometheon vision ofcourse he is going to win the debate. They may not have played Halo 4 for a ton of hours however they have done so for past games so can analyze p vision kind of like as if they just implemented it into halo for a test.

You might be thinking just because they are “MLG” that doesnt mean they know everything which is probably true and ofcourse there are a lot of good non MLG players out there. I merely put the link out there because they have the required experience to make a good argument, just like many other players out there. Feel free to post a counter-argument below however make sure you only discuss prometheon vision in terms of gameplay and how it improves, doesnt improve, changes,ect.

I have read things such as Halo needs change or i dont like P vision because i dont like change however i disagree with both statements. Reach introduced a lot of changes which ruined Halo which then makes me believe change isnt always good. Halo 3 didnt introduce much change from Halo 2 but was an incredible game, that forumula seems to work.

Now i hear people saying that it has been nerfed to be more balanced when compared to other armor abilities which is a good thing. I would still personally choose P vision over any of the other armor abilities as knowledge of the opponants position is more vital to winning than being able to thurster pack away nevertheless i would choose immunity to P Vision ANY DAY. Good players will set-up a kill considering your possible escape so in other words, you will find it incredibly difficult to escape. You might pull out the shield to defend yourself but if they take this possibility into consideration than they will simply plan out your death accordingly.

Then again i would much prefer no armor abilities but hey, i can live with all of them other than sprint and P vision but sprint is a whole different topic.

Before i touch on my next point, some people say p vision is just like the radar so why worry. The radar for one has a very short range, secondly you can counter it with crouch, thirdly p vision you choose when to see people, with the radar somebody has to walk into range of your sensor and lastly radar isnt in MLG, p vision possibly will be. I have heard about the range increase on the radar, if this is too far, than this will be another big game changer as it will affect the game pretty much exactly how p vision will so i personally find reg radar fine, increased radar will bring problems.

You can nerf p vision to the ground, if they nerf it too much so it has a muuuuch shorter range than the radar and can only see through one wall or something than nobody will choose it so why not just delete it, or if they dont nerf it enough and it has really good range ect, no other ability will be used.

What im saying is unless you nerf it so hard its useless, its going to affect the game in the way i will describe now.

Now think about the actual scenarios in-game, if every single player used p vision you would get players being incredibly hasty and the pace of gameplay would decrease immensely as every1 would be aware of every1s positions and be worried about engaging. As there are 4 players there would be constant p visons be going out so you literally know where everybody is ALL the time. Now imagine a team with no p vision and a team with lets say 3 p vision. the 3 team will have lots of awareness of where people are and will be able to counter according to the action the player seems to be taking, if you see a player going for a certain weapon spawn you can call it out, trap him and also get his weapon from his teams spawn.

In other words instead of finding the enemy position and calling out and having less time to set up team shooting kills, where you have to constantly be predicting and thinking about where they are checking each corner you go around and being the quicker person to react, instead they have taken the skill away to do this, the ability to move around the map effectively to find players and kill them and be able to escape a trap yourself with careful tricky movements where your team mates also have to react to come to help you instead of knwoing they need to come to you because of p vision before hand as they saw the enemy coming. Instead now you will know where they are and it will literally be “whoever outguns who will win” which in a sense is alrite at best, theres still a kind of skill element to the game but that only applies to all players using p vision. I persoanlly believe the team who uses p vision the most will have an insane advantage.

So this is me ANALYZING how it will affect the gameplay. I understand the idea of getting to the action quicker as you know where they are but there is more than enough action happening anyway especially on the smaller maps and even on the big maps on big team battle. Go to call of duty if you want crazy stuff happening all around you with constant awareness of where most of the players are on the field. Halo is not just about the gun fight when you know where they are. Getting to that fight, finding the enemy position, calling out, getting into a good tactical position in a gun fight without exact knowledge of where they players are, is halo. It doesnt even take long to find people anyway , infact you can walk for 5 odd seconds and see somebody on pretty much all the maps. There is more to the game than "see guy and…[snipped]

Their promethean vision won’t help them when I have stealth AND invisibility.

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