Promethean vehicle

If 343 was to put in a promethean vehicle I think it should go like this. It would be like a ghost maneuverable and fast. But like the light rifle it has a second style. It reshapes itself with that trademark promethean weapon effect, and turns into an air vehicle, changing its color from orange to blue. One minute it’s a ground assault vehicle, the next it’s a banshee challenging forerunner machine.

I’d rather just see some chopper remake, which would make sense since hardlight is supposed to be extremely strong.

I imagine it would have the same kind of weapon system were it shoots explosive rounds, but I want it to have its own identity, it should be completely new and not a remake, even if the chopper is awesome.

I always envisioned a Forerunner “cycle” that goes extremely fast, glides through the air, and has Ghost-like forward cannons.