Promethean Knights

I’ve heard there was some change on how to take out these knights. I heard there’s a moment were you can get a quick head shot in, I heard you shot at the glowing armpits and also shoot him in the back. What’s the true way of taking out down and the best weapon to do it with without being an obvious power weapon?

They are still pretty much bullet sponges to me.

Going purely by personal experience the Suppressor works really well for me, at least out of the more standard weapons. Seems to do a lot of damage to them fairly quickly. In general just try to aim for the most glowy part of the knight for maximum damage.

Tell yer team to focus fire on them. Big help.

thanks everyone! I have notice the suppressor is way better than before and the bolt shot. I noticed there’s a lot of turrets around in the levels and the splinter turrets help a lot too.

Yh, They really buffed the suppressor from Halo 4 its really good. Also I think knights in this tend to go down a lot easier than in 4 precision weapons to the face work well.

Their armor is now destructible. Once you strip them of their armor, you can damage and kill them.