Promethean Forge Map: "Cortex"

Brand New Halo 5 Forge Map “Cortex” is now available for all to enjoy!

Size: Medium
Gamemodes: BTB, Team Slayer, Assault
Canvas: Alpine
Download: “RAXS SLAYER”

Developer’s Words:
As always, I wanted to develop a map that brought a completely new functionality to the table, something that has not yet been explored. That is my rule of thumb with forge maps. If it isn’t something new and interesting, or it is something that players instantly feel familiar with, I have failed as a level designer. I feel confident with Cortex, enough so to say I have succeeded with my traditional rule intact.

Another thing I have to say about this map, is that It was (as Always) designed to look as good as Developer maps. Making it hard to believe you are playing on a forge map.

Cortex invites a classic beloved halo feature and re imagines it with fascinating new possibilities. Cortex is a map that is comprised of 3 different areas, each one has its own theme. One is a crashed UNSC pelican (Serving as Red Base) where UNSC ordinance is only present. (Blue Base) is a forerunner structure with wonderful detail, serving as the Nexus of all of the “Portals” Forerunner Ordinance is purely in this area. The Middle point that bridges the two areas is a Covenant theme area, with signs of covenant presence, as their Bodies and Weapons lay strewn.

This is a map that invites a wonderful pure Halo 5 experience where the nostalgia of earlier games echoes.

Mechanical Hook:
This map is linked together by Large, Beautifully designed Forerunner portals, large enough for vehicles to pass through. Intricate strategies thrive in this environment. It has even been built in a way that is fantastic for a commonly undermined Game-Mode (Assault). Portals make a complete game turn-around possible, jumping rapidly between bases. Scavenging off the bodies of fall UNSC and Covenant make this map feel interesting and unique. Fallen Ultras and even Vehicles lightly obscured by plantlife reward the more inquisitive players.

Simply download this map from “RAXS SLAYER” on XBL. The map is Named “CORTEX”. I hope you enjoy the map, and look forward to more up and coming productions.