Promethean & Flood Factions

Considering that this ties to Halo 5/6 is it possible that we might see a forerunner leader and possibly gravemind as dlc. If I recall correctly the flood were hinted at being on the Spirit of Fire after the events of Halo Wars 1 and I dont know if any flood survived the events of the Ark in Halo 3 (pretty sure firing the ring wiped them out). Nonetheless though could these factions end up showing their faces in Halo Wars 2?

I think prometheans would be more likely of the two, but I get the feeling we havent seen the last of the flood either.

I have always thought the idea of the Warden being a leader would be cool.

Warden Eternal, Cortana, and Didact would give them three leaders for a forerunner faction as well.

You’d struggle to find 3 Flood faction leaders and they wouldn’t really tie in to the story either but I sure would love to play as them!

Flood would only need graveymind, though I suppose Proto(keyes)-gravemind could work as a second leader in some kind of capacity