Promethean Enemies Need to Take It Down a Notch

The Promethean enemies are way to difficult to fight in Warzone Firefight. When you have to defend a forerunner core or a garage, the Prometheans automatically warp right outside of the objective, while the players have to rush across the map, which by the time they arrive it’s already too late. The enemies are always insanely difficult to kill. I unloaded a full clip from an Assault Rifle on a standard soldier and the thing didn’t die, while I can do the same to a Spartan and I wouldn’t even need the full clip. This, combined with the tracking shots their weapons fire that are difficult to dodge, is the reason I feel the Prometheans in Firefight need to be a little weaker, because some maps I can’t even get a victory on because of the Promethean rounds.