Prom Vs Cov: Grunts vs Crawlers Round 1

I have always found Halo fun when you as the player after battling the same enemy for a while only then to get to witness a third party or more factions duke it out on the battlefield while you either choose to interfere or battle the victor/ help the side that’s losing(unless of course they are teaming up on you). Right now I will focus on the two enemy factions that appear in Campaign and Warzone under Halo 5 conditions and analyze them on an class type With their weapons they typically handle when encountered. I shall do this battle list every so often that the schedule will be like this:

For the battles it will be:

  • Grunts vs Crawlers (Round 1) - Jackals vs Watchers (Round 2) - Elites vs Solders (Round 3) - Hunters vs Knights (Round 4) - Grunt Mech vs Warden Eternal (Round 5) - Bonus: Pheaton vs Banshee (vehicle battle)All battles and results are based on my opinion and observations from their behavior and under conditions of Heroic-Legendary difficulty and be split into categories based on weapons,health, damage dealt and teamwork with other A.I.s and against vehicles.

Grunts vs Crawlers

As much as I was surprised, I declare the grunts have a 60-40 odds in favor of then. Although the the Crawlers have the faster running speed and slightly more powerful melee attack, the Grunts more deadly weapons and better tactics come out on top. Especially when paired with the right teamates and in general are more deadly threat against vehicles. Crawlers can still be a nuscance to both Humans and Covenant but the teamwork of Grunts with powerful weapon combos (Fuel Rods and PP EMP+Plasma Grenades) with the right conditions give them to be higher threat levels than the Crawlers.

The crawlers only have two weapons to fight with, the boltshot and the suppressor and ever since losing the ability to have a binary rifle from Halo 4 limits there offensive capabilities while the grunts have acces to weapons like the Void Tear Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenade, Needler and can use mounted turrets like the plasma turret and the excellent crowd control fuel rod cannon. Both have below average health and can be taken out with headshots, however the only weapon headshot capable is the Boltshot with a 1.1x multipler to the head and the Plasma Pistol and Needlers are more effective weapons when aimed at opponents firing at ideal conditions. Plasma Bolts go about 2.5x faster than Hardlight projectiles which results in their opponents more time to react and faster TTK at a distance not factoring in the deadly Needler and High Aim Assist range of the Plasma Pistol. In addition to seeing grunts with jetpacks to get to better vantage points and the appearance of special grunt ultras with shields gives then an added advantage in durability.

The only tatics the crawlers know is to get in and aggressively run down the opponent with force while grunt behavior is more varied. Weapons like the Plasma grenade and fuel rod can take out a whole pack of crawlers when they bunch up and crawlers don’t have any area of effect weapons to speak of. However, because of the often overwhelming number of crawlers that spawn in randomly the grunts can be defeated

if they are too freightened to fight or go kamikazie early and not kill enough of them. Crawlers are much more deadlier in close range than Grunts based on their higher speeds and more powerful melee’s even if their weapons are lacking. While both of them can be staggered by each of there respective weapons, for the crawlers it’s less of a problem witch their higher mobility and smaller hitbox for damage.

With the other A.I.s the combatants are both helped and hindered by their superiors. For the Grunts when a leader is taken out like an Eilte Commander or higher, the Grunt tends to flee the battle of kamikaze into the opponent(s) while Crawlers don’t take cover very often and just keep running into the fray and act very much with a " There is an ‘I’ in team" mentality and can die from running into splinter grenade mines. So much so that a watcher often goes to put up a shield to protect them more often than a more important combatant like a Knight or Soilder commanders. Grunts can give very deadly combos with grenade throws with stickies and fuel rod shots that weaken or taken out the eniemes not to mention the PP EMP overcharge works wonders on enemy shields and enemy vehicles. Crawler fire is often slower than Grunt fire when it comes to taking out shields or forcing players to take cover.

In the lore the Grunts were basically considered the lowest of the original Covenant higharcy and not until the Unngoy Rebellion which too every else by suprise to start getting them battle ready and treat them as capable warriors. To the point of some of them getting quite famous reputaions amounts the Humans and Splinter Factions of the Covenant. While the crawlers are just created to be fat and aggressive shock troops designed to go in and take out as many Flood as they could until the main Warriors and Prometheans could come in. It seems those lore backgrounds really show in the games as grunts have more personality to them with funny lines and more self-awareness to there surroundings.

And that’s it of round one with the next one being on the support troops: Covenant Jackals vs Promethean Watchers.

Grunts have a laugh factor, they get my vote.

If only crawlers could have binary riffles.
Like they did in halo 4.

Or incineration crawler?