Projet Alpha (Halo Reach Glitches)

Hi everyone!

I’m here to share videos called “Projet Alpha”.

Projet Alpha is a series of Halo glitches initiated on Halo 3 in 2007 by Cox. The objective is to assemble in clean edited videos the maximum of glitches and easter eggs classed by level. The Team CRéA, a french glitchers team, and other good friends of us are the actors. A lot of glitches tutorials can be found on, the first Halo french community.

Projet Alpha - Winter Contingency

Projet Alpha - ONI : Sword Base

Projet Alpha - Nightfall

Projet Alpha - Tip of the Spear (Part 1)

Projet Alpha - Tip of the Spear (Part 2)

I’ll post others when there become available, so, stay tuned!

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Hope you like it!