Project X - Submit your Halo Highlights

Hello, Phoenix here from Project X. We have recently released a new feature on our website, where you can submit your Halo 4 Highlights. Every month, we will upload a video of the top 20 highlights submitted.

How do I submit my video?
Simple. Just click the following link, and fill out the form provided. Here is the link: Submit a Highlight - Project X

You can submit as many highlights as you would like, but please do not spam.

How it works
Once your video is submitted, it is added to an automatic Que, and Project X staff reviews the video, and if it is worthy, it will be added to our Highlights of the Month video. Our first video will be released on Halloween.

The video will contain a 20 to 1 countdown of the best clips submitted. The video will either contain commentary by Project X, or music.

In order to make the Highlights of the Month videos popular, we need your help, by subscribing to our channel, and submitting some clips!

Thank you, and enjoy.

What is Project X?
Project X is similar to Project Freelancer, in the popular TV series, Red vs. Blue. We are basically a team of highly trained Spartans, who do all the dirty work. This project was inspired by Freelancer Agent Washington, who was a star in Red vs. Blue. Many of our members were inspired to join by Project Freelancer.

When I saw this thread, I thought you were throwing a party of unspeakable proportions.

This is an awesome idea though.

I just submited like 4 vids. Pretty awesome ones, but they are fileshare links. I hope you guys can render them!