Project S.E.A.

Hello every one both veteran and rookie’s a like Spartan and Sangheili I have been working on a project with my brother called Project S.E.A. it is about a select few secretly designed Spartans upgraded to be something more then any type of soldier out there human and alien a like. I or rather we would like your opinion on what you think about them. They are a type of Spartan combined perfectly with Sangheili, bloodlines which increases everything about them from their senses all the way to their abilities and skills in combat. They stand the same height as the Sangheili, have their eyes, and knowledge of combat, there are 15 total however all but one of three teams survived the others died due to the interruption of ONI keeping them from being fully upgraded and perfected. Each of the teams are made of 5 Super Spartans if you will, mostly female Spartans with around 4 males in total. Aside from their own personal skills and talents they all share a few strengths one being their armors are similar with them being part Mark VI and Sangheili Arbiters armor design combined with all the strengths and abilities of both types of armors with a couple others. The second is that the newly designed soldiers have the ability to change the physical form from the hybrid looking appearance into a normal Sangheili or normal human Spartan at will and their armors will change with them to help them blend in better with their surroundings. The final thing they all share is due to their immense power and strength they are equipped with not one but two complete functioning AI’s. The weapons can vary with them but one thing they always carry is at least four Specially designed Energy Swords, the swords are gold color with a hint of silver and red flowing through them and has a black outline along the edges. They can carry up to 3 other weapons on them and the Specialized weapons only like the swords have a built in reload and charge system which allows them to reuse their weapons without getting rid of them. The only other major thing about them is they are all Spartan II’s class Spartans created as a secret weapon for the Sangheili and Humans and the one to see this through was none other than Dr. Cathrine Halsey herself. She kept the secret hidden unto the Sangheili’s who took them contacted her and told her the bad news which was all according to plan. See Dr. Halsey didn’t want her new Spartans to be claimed by ONI but to work for the UNSC in stead but with the clearance of both ONI and the Highest Ranking soldier of the UNSC like Lord Hood himself. Their is plenty to still say but this is only a quick short description of what they are their is still much about them we are currently working on so feel free to ask any questions about them. I will try to answer them the best I can and also what would you all think about them being in a Halo game, series or even a Movie please let me know your thoughts to helps us finish them and their story thank you and have a good day.

Seems like an interesting idea i wish u the bestvof luck.

Shadow Demon117 - Thanks we still have a ways to go but we hope more people can give us more of their opinions and it can turn out to be a great Halo Story in the future