Project Orion Community

Project Orion is an online Halo-based community that accepts any player regardless of rank, nationality or skill. We are not a clan, after all, merely a player-made Halo Hub.

The name comes from a machinima series named ‘HALO, PROJECT:ORION’ that will air some time in December. Any clan members can also participate.

What we do:
We will start with small teams of four to play online, then six to eight for larger-scale game types. We have decided to cap our clan at sixty-four people, so we can divide into large BTB teams, then Team Slayer teams, then doubles. We will have the occasional friendly competitions within our community with the top players earning just bragging rights and fr fun.

We don’t live by many rules, but our motto is ‘Don’t worry, be happy’. There is a few things that will NOT be tolerated, however. These include teabagging, extreme profanity (swearing’s okay, but verbal assault is a straight up removal), over-bragging and just not being respectful of others.

Other things:
We will hold the occasional competition (for all, in PO or not) where the best maps, screenshots and clips are shown on YouTube. Again, no prizes, just happy feelings.

That’s about all I can think of now, any questions, PM me or send a message on my xbox (my gamertag’s crazyfoomandude)

So, yeah. See you soon! Thanks for reading, guys.

Don’t worry, be happy!

And an added note, we are committed to earn all members as many achievements and challenges as possible. We help one and other here. (wow god I sounded like a Comunist) But yes, we do split off into matchmaking and co-operative teams in order to earn credits and gamer score.