Project Halo 3 for PC

By hereby request you considering the following project related to Halo 3.

Project Halo 3 for PC

Halo 3

Development: X-BOX 360 Halo 3 is a game that went on sale in September 2007 for different countries in the world, the game that continued the story of Master Chief and Cortana had great success and achievement raise approximately $ 300 million. The game in its time reached great popularity and for several years remained well but only in the console
Present: X-BOX 360. Currently the game has been losing popularity due to the large amount of time and new titles in the series that have come out. Because of this the game is not levied the same and is increasingly present in the consoles of the players in the world.

Development: PC Windows The game never came out for PC Windows, due to the decision to develop and promote the X-BOX 360 in sales, although for several years there was speculation his possible departure never came, so many fans of the game did not have the opportunity to play on Windows PCs.
Present: Currently Microsoft has not released the Windows PC game even when they do not have much room and in the gaming world.

Based on the game now propose and request you to consider the following:

  1. Since the game has no more place in the X-BOX 360 console propose to work on the development of a new version for PC Windows and come out with a next installment of operating system.


  1. By presenting this new title for Windows PC may raise millions of dollars.
  2. When taking a new title for PC will be driving the sale and purchase of products that result in good profits.
  3. Being an ancient title in the X-BOX 360 console’s brought to a new platform will be well received especially among fans of the series who for four years have seen more Halo games on Windows PCs.
  4. It will be a great project that will bring fame secured the title, something never done before.
  5. To already be created the game, the conversion process does not result so expensive and require many personal and economic efforts
  6. It would be a big announcement that will bring new expectations, as the new technologies and the agreement with 343 Industries will again be a great title and may be advertised as a special edition to bring new content and also relates to Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition.

I get the feeling English is not your first language. Correct me if I’m wrong. H3PC’s time has passed a long time ago. It would be pretty outrageous if they did that instead of H2A or ODST 2.