Project Ascension - New Rising Game Community

Hey all, My name is Harri51 I am a active Halo loving player like you all, but also second in command of a game community. I am setting out an outreach to you all to come check out and if you want join our community; Project Ascension. We do have lots of things going on right now due to our ever growing population. Right now we have so much interesting stuff hitting the deck; gamenights, recruitment contest, random talks and obviously expansion into other games.

On our events roster right now are the usual Halo 4 Gamenights taking place almost everyday. Plus, we have our three squads fighting it out for the top Squad seat in Ascension. Working on a internal Halo based combat war game. Our loving Director Salvanous is heading all up on the Halo front and he is always there for you guys if you got questions or just looking for a buddy in matchmaking. Not to mention most if not all of the members will be glad for a little halo fun, well any sort of fun really.

Media wise well that is in development; sad to say honestly but work is on going to get this community to a standard you would all like to be apart out. I am the one currently the artist of the site but more talent in digital media or in Machinima.

As for able willing and ready bodies. Well we kind of need a little more in the moderator area and squad leaders. Like i mentioned our members are growing, but we need more people to help keep order, host gamenights in halo or minecraft (any game would be prefered,)help with our recruitment drive (MS money is a reward.)

But on a brighter note we have made first steps into other games. We have started Gamenights in Minecraft one the xbox. Us Admins are working on the fine wrench details on getting a PC server going as well.

So please go to Project Ascension and check us out. Thank you

Hope to see you real soon.