Progressive Slayer & Infection Gamemode

A gamemode which would be interesting to see is a slayer or infection where you get stronger or have certain abilities the more kills you get. Every “peak” you get a new buff to your character which can be increased speed, damage, health or shield resistance, increased regeneration, more loadouts, etc. Here’s a diagram.

10 Kills - +25% Damage

15 Kills - +25 Speed, 10% Health Regeneration, New Loadout

25 Kills - +25% MORE Damage

30 Kills - New Loadout, +25 Shield Increase

and so on…

But it will vary so you can customize at how many kills you need for certain buffs and also customize what types of buffs are included…

Any perk that adds to gameplay should NOT be in Halo. If it was strictly cosmetic, i might support this idea.

It is merely a Custom Games option I feel Customs should be whatever it wants to be even if it has things people may think limited like this. If you don’t like you wouldn’t need to play it and we can just leave Matchmaking the way Halo should be.