Progression Unlock Idea

I’m in love with the ranking system for Arena. I’m already an avid League player so this ranking system in general meshes with me, but what do you have to show for achieving such high ranks in game modes? an emblem at the end of the month and a stat on your service record?

League of Legends has this thing called “Victorious Skins” for certain characters in the game. these are skins that are given out at the end of the year for players that reach above Gold V (equivalent to Gold I in Halo 5) in ranked that season (seasons are 1 year as opposed to 1 month). This provides more incentive to climb, and climb hard, as well as giving a memento of the season that can’t be purchased or given away normally.
Since Commendations no longer give armor unlocks, what if reaching a certain rank in an arena playlist gave an armor set? Something like Venator for reaching Plat or Diamond in FFA.

Of course this would mean 343 would have to change their ranking system so that you can lose your spot if you lose to many games, otherwise people could just get lucky in promos and auto unlock armor they didn’t deserve, but I think it’s a neat idea that could translate well into Halo 5’s ranked system.