Progression System Poll

If you had to pick a progression system from a prior Halo to replace Infinite’s current system, which one would you choose?

Halo 3 - 1 Win = 1xp / 1 Loss = 0xp

Halo: Reach - Good performance = High xp / Poor performance = Low xp

  • Halo 3
  • Halo: Reach

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Reach all the way. No matter what the game is ALWAYS encouraging you to play and I don’t like it as much as 3 but I will keep going back until I want to play a different Halo game.

Why would i go through the effort of playing a game to get 1xp for a win?

I accidentally voted for 3 because the descriptions are flipped from the poll lol oops

Halo 4 had an under rated progression system, my only problem with it was that it was too short/easy to get through. But between these two I like Reach, though it has the opposite problem 4 had for me.

It was actually one of the best systems of it’s time, you had to be there to understand. Ranks were acquired after reaching a certain amount of xp and the required xp wasnt as high as you think.

I vote none of the above.

(Was a 5* General in H3 and I want say a Hero in Reach, I don’t remember).

For rank? Halo 2 was by far the best.

Well yes that may be, but in the context of this game 1xp for a win is not it chief

Obviously not dude lol, are you being serious or?

I chose Reach but would like that with a mix of Halo 4’s weapon commendations for XP too