Progression system is dangerous

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Title, damn thing has driven me to near suicidal thoughts, trying to do things I can’t. in order to earn things that normally in a halo I would just get by having fun and playing the game.

I am not kidding when I say I was wanting to kill myself trying to get things like kills with a mangler, or a long range save.

I literally attempted to do so, game has been uninstalled for my own mental safety and likely will remain so until the system is changed.Also doesn’t help that I spent 60 dollars of food money on cosmetics. Which means I may have to refund the single player mode its self just to get that.


You need serious help. Please go seek it. The game didn’t make you do those things.

Yikes. Stay away from the game if that’s how you get when playing. Please also consider getting some professional help, nothing in life should EVER bring you to such places in your mind, and is indicative of a larger issue that needs attention.

Life is precious and you are loved and valued, and don’t let anyone, or anything convince you otherwise.

Okay this is seriously a you problem, not a 343 problem.
While predatory, I don’t think 343 ever intended to rob anyone in this manner with full intention.

The game is designed to prey upon people with poor mental health, however, just like virtually every other F2P game ever made. The entire business model revolves around effectively tricking people with poor impulse control into spending absurd amounts of money on "micro"transactions. These studios literally hire psychologists to help design the game’s features to be as exploitative to these types of people as humanly possible and Infinite is a particularly obnoxious example of it.

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There’s no k/d ratio in this game…yet. Resist buying the rubbish they try and sell you in game. You won’t see any of it anyway, apart from opening screen. Whoopie.

Buying rubbish for your barbie/power ranger isn’t worth it. Unless you’re in warthog you won’t see your character so cosmetics are pointless.

There is no progression in game. Just play it for fun.

I think it’s healthy no one can see your k/d ratio as stops it being so competitive and off putting

Regardless of how exploitative and manipulative you think it may be, there are system level purchase controls in place for protection. If you have no self control you should be enabling these settings.
Personal feelings of taking your life or self harm are not the fault of a game. There is clearly a deeper problem with the person that they need to seek help for.

If you are thinking of harming yourself, seek help.

The fact that mods close certain threads almost instantly that offend them, but decide to leave this one up is actually hysterical…

the larger issue is being addressed. IT is called I am -Yoink!- and manic depressive. and yeah avoiding the game for own safety.

thing is anything designed to manipulate people hits me hard.