Progression system is actually GREAT!

I see a lot of posts talking about how the progression system will kill the game and how there isn’t any unlockable items via achievements or how progression is taking way to long etc… and this could be true… But I am going to share my perspective and it is not intended to flame anyone even though it may seem that way. Just a viewpoint from a “boomer”. I am 30 and have been gaming on halo since the original halo game was released. I have seen the progression systems and unlockable items systems in games over the years and I am not just referring to halo, I am referring to all competitive shooters and/or competitive multiplayer games. It seems as time goes on the company’s that release these games want to adapt to the market or the current genre so they can make the maximum amount of $$. They do this by introducing battle royals or items you can pay for in game for your character upgrades or weapon upgrades or boosts or whatever else you can think of. This, in my opinion, causes the value of those items that you acquire to be much less worth while and much less valuable (not only speaking about money but value to the player for earning said item or rank). In todays gaming society (the last 10-15 years) we have got used to this. Progressing quickly, getting any items we want by purchasing it for a said $$ amount etc… this is what causes the argument of progression not being quick enough. We are used to getting things quick and easy.
I am here to say I appreciate what halo has done by making battle pass items only unlockable via a long grind and progression in general slower on average than other games. This adds value to the true fans of the game who will enjoy the game for many more years, than those who just want things fast and now and may only play for a few months to a year then get bored because they don’t actually enjoy the game, they are just playing it because their friends play it or its the newest game so they have to give it a shot.

I know allot of people will disagree with this viewpoint but hopefully there are more of you out there that appreciate not being able to pay for everything and just progress quickly and kill the entire vibe buy getting things quickly. It always sucks when you grind for a 6 months to a year to get an item then it pops up in a item shop fur $20 and someone can just grab that item you grinded so hard for. wow is a good example of this.
Thanks for reading.


So we’re asking for too much even though what we’re asking for has been a staple in the Halo franchise for two decades now… and were spoiled for it…

You’re definitely talking like a Boomer, ill give you that


I think you’re spot on!
I do hope things change though. I just got into College and Work for my first time, and the amount of time I’ve been able to relax and game has more than halved since then. Quick unlocks make me feel like I’m getting something done, even if it’s the easy stuff.
But you’re right. I think we have been rather spoiled from games jam-packed with ‘stuff.’ :laughing:
We’ll see what happens.


Yep, you were right that most people will be angered by your post. I play several other games (i.e. Destiny 2) with season passes and it is fun and rewarding. This setup in Halo is just work, not fun. This is a game!! I don’t want to go on because it is just so awful what they have done here even talking about it is work.


Sorry mate I actually hate the battle pass. I am currently level 3 and have played most nights since launch. I frequently top the leaderboard but tend to stick to 4v4 PVP. The problem I have at the current time is that my weeklys are all BTB oriented:

" get a kill with a shade turret "

“use the gungoose’s chain gun”

I cannot complete these without going into BTB and therefore am stuck with the single daily challenge of “play a game to get xp”

Where is the Satisfaction?

I can tell you this, it’s infuriating that I’m making no progress. I have managed to roll over one of these weeklies because I got to level 3 last night. Meanwhile my wife is level 6 and she is a potato (a lovely, beautiful, well respected potato).

In addition to this, there is the fact I cannot change my spartan at all at the current time, other than a few block colours. I can’t use pink though…which is a massive oversight as I’d ove to be beating down on people with my pink spartan. I dont have any different hemets, visors, stances, or even a basic elbow pad. I have played I think every day for the last 4 days…and I have nothing.

I could pay £20 for a single skin though?
Or I could buy the battle pass for some skins?

In not happy about this - I was ready to pay £60 for a game, with the fun customisable options I can unlock through play and no need to buy additional bits because they dont look better than the default. However, I have been rammed into this clusterfudge of the “F2P” model; which isnt free to play and certainly doesnt offer anything valuable to my hard earned cash.

So in order to keep this s.m.a.r.t this is wht I propose:
(S)pecific - I want an addition premium tier that allows me to buy in on every battle pass and paid event for the next 2 years at £30 a pop.
(M)easurable. I would like this implemented by 8th December
(A)chievable - I’d say a price point of £30 is achievable

cant remember what R and T are


Artificially inflating time between unlocks is not engaging it’s exhausting and will only serve to harm long-term retention.


You can just spend money to bypass the grind. How rewarding.

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I played 33 hours in the last week and am level 14. I didn’t complete all of the first weeks weekly challenges, mostly due to a couple challenges being glitched and unachievable and then with the challenge reset I had no opportunity to complete the other 3 challenges left. I mostly played how I’d normally play, for instance I got the oddball kills challenge completed naturally without forcing it, the only challenge I have had to go out of my way to try and complete so far has been the 3 kills with the plasma repeater.

I like that each level is 1,000 XP, a Battle Pass doesn’t have to be an RPG and I appreciate that I won’t be spending even longer between levels the closer I get to the cooler rewards toward the end of the pass. While the Battle Pass may not be satisfying I do think it’s perfectly reasonable that if Halo Infinite is the game you’re playing that you’ll have no trouble completing the Battle Pass within the season. While I’d personally benefit from performance based XP earnings I feel like they create an even deeper gulf between good and bad players when it comes to the rate of unlocking items in the game. At least as is the Battle Pass is fair to players of all skill levels - you just need to figure out how to get 3 kills with the plasma repeater.

If your only purpose in playing Halo Infinite is to unlock Battle Pass levels and rock cool cosmetic items then let me be clear in saying that your opinion is bad and you should feel bad. The core gameplay is peak Halo, it’s free, and the thing has been shadow-dropped a month in advance and only been out one week.

I’m positive 343i will make more changes you think you want and only come to regret later. For instance, the daily challenge change results in less XP over 12 games, but you poor youngins just need need NEED to see that progress bar fill up after each match otherwise did the match even get played?

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This is exactly the same issue as me. I don’t want to play BTB.

How can we not earn xp for performing well in ranked games?? It’s so bizarre. The team who designed the battlepass have got it way wrong, hopefully they sort it out.

It wouldn’t take much to sort out either, just reward xp based on medals earned in game and playing objective. They would probably need to increase the amount of xp needed between levels but that should be easy to calculate.

I can’t figure out how to delete posts but I would delete this one if i could. Sorry for posting this. I posted this only after a couple days of playing. I am currently floating between D3 and D4 and completely take back this comment. If anyone knows how to delete forum posts on here let me know cause it seems impossible.

Why TF am i losing a quarter bar of XP when i lose a match but when i win I gain about 1/10th of a bar. Wtf is this garbage. Also, battle pass unlocks are trash and free players have absolutly nothing to gain. I can deal with all the beta bugs but damn, dont punnish us so much for a random feeding the other team and pretty much throwing a match.


I think anybody who’s disagreeing with you based on the fact you have a differing opinion is just plain childish, the reason feedback is obtained via the forum (even though I think it’s clunky) is to promote open discussion. if developers implemented the feedback of whoever was the loudest or most obtuse the game would be heavily one-sided.

That being said, I believe the real answer to this entire debate lies somewhere in the middle. Right now the current progression rate appears intentionally slowed, to make the challenge swaps and XP boosts seem much more appealing to support the free to play model. I believe progression should be based on an individuals decision to choose how hard they push it, and i think the tools should be given to allow a player to decide that.

For example, you want a helmet but you only play after work? That’s fine, play well in games and you’ll recieve XP rewards that will get you there that little quicker. Got all the time in the world? Fine, play a slow playstyle where you do what you can ingame and get your XP that way. It’s about finding a balanced approach that doesn’t encourage an insane amount of grinding.

People will always want more, now. That’s the nature of some people. And that’s why it’s okay for 343 to charge stupid prices for those who cannot or do not want to wait and can justify the spend to themselves. I saw a player yesterday with emile’s gear, not a bot, a player, meaning they chose to drop a bunch of cash because they wanted that helmet there and then.

Personally I appreciate seeing feedback that doesn’t always align with the playerbase, it’s apparant that the XP system needs to change, but all camps should have theirs feedback considered.


I suspect the entire thing would be widely accepted with some changes, even keeping the rate of progression what it is now.
But yes, it is intentionally made to make swaps and boost appealing, and that’s the biggest issue.


First reply to this thread was anything but constructive. And there other threads with a similar sentiment.

I suspect the entire thing would be widely accepted with some changes, even keeping the rate of progression what it is now.
But yes, it is intentionally made to make swaps and boost appealing, and that’s the biggest issue.

I think it would be a stretch to say the current system would be widely accepted, but I also don’t think they have to do much more to get it in an enjoyable state. 100 Levels at 1000xp each is perfectly fine in my opinion, but 20 games a level with no challenges isn’t as polished as it could be in my personal opinion.

I think it was phrased a little, funny.
You’re saying it’s childish to disagree with another’s opinion :grin:

i343 should do away with the limit of tracking three challenges at a time. If that isn’t negotiable, then we should at least be able to choose which ones we track, and change them, free of cost, between matches as much as we see fit.
The free reward changed to either require less completed challenges or entirely removed, integrated into the free tier of the Battlepass ( though there’s uncertainity on how future battlepasses will be in terms of free access ). As to reduce FOMO ( something they said they didn’t want ) and make it less of a chore ( another thing they said they didn’t want it to turn into ).
I’d even be fine with non-expiring weeklies, like how battlepasses are supposed to work, and as you complete them you’d get the item.
You’d have access to old weeklies and can complete them as you see fit.
It isn’t fun currently because it feels forced.
Removing those obstacles would ease up on a lot of things.

I like it, but I can see why lots of people don’t. Imagine it will change as overwhelmingly negative response.

That’s fine with me, I hope the challenges remain even if progression looks different. I think I’ll finish the battle pass very quickly once it changes, I’m already late 20’s mostly just from doing the weekly challenges.

Agreed. Everyone wants instant gratification. These seasons last months and stay open forever.

Getting the fire helmet and other high level stuff should be hard and take a long damn time. If you want the super rare stuff you should go after it in the long haul. What’s the point of having rare stuff if everyone has it 2 weeks in?

CoD ruined FPS with the leveling unlock system. It meant gridnint have you better -Yoink!- so you didn’t have to be good at a game.

Halo is taking us back to old school playing with friends. You play to enjoy the game and have fun. In Halo 1 we played for years without complaints.

The level systems are a joke and ruin FPS gaming.

Why are you even playing then? Getting cosmetics shouldn’t be a core mechanic of a game. Playing the game and winning is the gratification you should get.

This man knows what he’s saying.

Hello fellow spartan,
I see what you are saying that could have been much worse and the long grinding time can be seen as a value for some gamers, but I think your viewpoint is missing some important things to consider. If we take previous halo games to compare the way to achieve the most prestigious armour of the game you will probably realise how much spiritless it feels having an awesome armour in Halo Infinite. Most of the players have the same ´´skin´´ and the others feels like they just bought the battlepass with the 25 levels unlocked. In the contrary you could see in Halo Reach various different armours, but always one guy with the most badass helmet ever. Other point I wanted to talk is the ´´boring´´ way the battle pass is achieved. Like I know that different challenges have different point to level up, but it feels like you are progressing the same amount playing a really bad game and a game that you dominated. Halo Infinite batllepass isn´t the worst on the market, but Im sure that it can be a lot better just by doing simple changes

Absolutely terrible take.

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