Progression System feels like a Mobile Game

I know this has already been said 10,000 times now but I think this is worth mentioning a 10,001th time. The progression system is not rewarding. Battlepasses in of themselves aren’t horrible and can be a good way to get a constant drip feed of content but combined with challenge only progression, especially with some of the challenges being so unequal in terms of reward really makes it feel like a candy crush level of progression. For instance in the flight today I had a weekly challenge, capture 10 objectives in strongholds mode in pvp this was worth 250 EXP, I got this done in 1 match and it encouraged me to play the objective this is a instance of what could be considered a good challenge. The next challenge I got also worth 250 EXP was complete 15 PVP matches.

Now I had to do something that would take me 15 times as long as the other challenge and if I want to complete it fast to get all weeklies done to get the capstone, well it’s encouraging me to finish matches quickly and since I can’t rely on good teammates the best method is to throw the game so the enemy can win because there is no motivation for me to even bother getting kills in game. So I gotta spend way longer to get the same amount of exp, ruin my teams time if I want to get the challenge done optimally and on top of all of that ranking up in the battlepass just gets me a exp boost. Maybe I’m just not understanding 343’s genius in making this decision beyond wanting to charge people for challenge swaps after their battlepass supply runs out but to me this seems like a really predatory and badly implemented system that has so far really negatively effected my overall enjoyment of the game up to this point. I just want to feel like I can actually unlock the content I paid for in the battlepass in a reasonable time frame and not feel like I get off my day job just to start my halo job if I ever want to get that helmet at the end of the pass.