Progression sucks....

Ive seriously opened the certs to 4 different gungooses today. regular, oni, tundra, woodland. If something isn’t done to the req system I actually might quit. I just don’t feel like I’m progressing at all.

Level 53 and only just got a banshee

Let me start by saying it’s going to be okay. This game has only been out for a month and a few days. You’re not suppose to unlock everything instantaneously. Remember this game will be played up until Halo 6 is released in a few years.

So most of the gungooses are common REQ status. This means once you get to the point where you have all common/uncommon/rares unlocked you’ll only be buying Gold REQ packs meaning you won’t get all these warthogs/gungooses/useless crap in your packs. Seeing as you’re level 43 you should of progressed quite a bit past unlocking all the warthog/gungooses/mongooses but perhaps you started off in an inefficient way.

I’m on the verge of level 64 and I probably have 15 more uncommon unlocks and 20-25 more rare unlocks before they are completely done. Just sell all the stuff you don’t use and you’re good to go until then.

There’s actually a system that prevents you from getting too much ultra rare and legendary stuff in the beginning (along with all the common stuff flooding the pool), in fact it’s not completely random you will get better reqs the higher your SR is

rank 59

Rank 64