Progression sucks

I should be rewarded with every game I play. Yes I should “just enjoy the gameplay” but if I am not enjoying the game at least the thought of knowing I am progressing is there. I don’t have a reason to stay in a game where I don’t get anything out of it, satisfaction of winning or at least progressing. I understand that the developers don’t want people to feel like this game is a chore but it already is with having to complete challenges in order to progress. I don’t want to have to use the horrible pulse rifle if I don’t have to but in order to unlock armor I need to. Extremely annoying.


The progression is slow, and apparently every piece of armor is locked behind a paywall as well. Even if I bought the first battle pass, I wouldn’t have as many options as I did in Reach at launch without having to pay for BP.

I really thought that with the poor showings I’ve seen of this game, all of their time had gone into mtx and cosmetics, but it seems like maybe even that isn’t true…

I’m fine with the microtransactions, at least the ones from the store, you can just ignore them if you want to. But don’t give me two options and have them be “Pay 20 dollars for an armor set” or “Play 200 hours for an armor set”. I like to do the battle pass for free and then purchase it if I finish it, but when it takes 6 hours to progress one tier you can only be so content.