Progression/ Season Pass Challenges

so many of the challenges in the season pass are super grindy and take away from even playing the objective of the game. “get kills with the grapple hook”, get kills with certain weapons(kinda hard when everyone is fighting for that weapon and its spawn time takes forever etc… so many challenges defeat the purpose of playing the objective and leaves you trying to play a match to win for a challenge when the other people on your time are not playing objectives at all and camping the sniper spawn instead or vice versa, i myself have sat on spawns of weapons just waiting for them to spawn then get killed waiting and the weapon gets snatched by another player so then i have to camp that spawn for longer and longer.

These challenges force people to play a certain way and because of that they’ll ignore the objective of the game they’re playing to pursue them, this system is broken

The only reasonable solution is to award XP per game based on personal performance & have challenges exist as the secondary optional objective.