Progression past Battle Pass 100

I believe once we’ve hit Battle Pass 100. They should allow for over levelling so that each 1000exp is another tier but you earn like a challenge swap. Because there is no way to earn more challenge swaps if you’ve maxxed your battle pass. For example myself. I have 6 challenge swaps left until May… That practically means anywhere from 11 to 16 weeks worth of ultimate rewards, special events, and I have to balance my 6 challenge swaps on things I may really want. Otherwise I have to buy more and that is the only option


Yes we should be allowed go past it, but after 100 pass should change to different color, and exp booster do not. Work. Free still. For those.

Also ever 25 lvs to level 200 should net challenge swap,

Once you get to 200 , should be able show people your battle pass next to your call name, s1-208 example,

Once hit battle pass 300+ should have bronze star for season 1 near number, next to it , if get more than one season over 300 then star silver,gold, platinum, blue,green exc… Could even make bigger if have for season , 300 plus,

Also should at anytime decide to go back to old season and level season 1 to 9999975 example.

Need small token show off to friends and people.

Problem for me is that I’ve hit 100 and I’ve completed the weekly but I haven’t completed the Event which means, I think, that I can’t progress the Event except via 50xp game completions. The event expires around the same time as the next weekly so I don’t think I’m going to be able to complete it.

I couldn’t agree more. We need a way to earn challenge swaps!

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That’s a great idea, every 1000xp is another challenge swap.

thats what they want you to do though. They want you to pay.