Progression overhaul

Battlepass and Store are scrapped in favor of this kind of progression

Your final XP gain after the match goes through these steps

Score (2000)
Medals (different medals reward varying XP) (4500)
Difficulty modifier

  • Humans=x15
  • Spartan bot=x2.5
  • ODST=x2
  • Marine=x1.5
  • Regular=x1

First Final modifier=x2
Second Final modifier (only for premium players)=x2

Certain events can also increase you XP by a multiplier

You also gain XP through milestones. I will list some possible ones here

Wins=200=200’000 XP

Matches played=500=500’000 XP


So, with the example scores given at the top, in the end, the player would receive 195k XP at the end of each battle (if he sustained those score/medal numbers)

Onto the actual progression.

It would be a lvl rank system (per season)
Each level gives rewards (4-6 per level)

Each season has its own progression, so you could be lvl 66 in one season and lvl 24 in another.
Just like battlepasses now, you can swap between a season’s progression at any time.
Events also have their own progression and you can swap between them as well

Also, events are permanent.

You can stockpile XP and unlock levels manually or you can have it automatically unlock levels in the progression you are currently using (it is automatically turned on when you get the game but you may turn it off)

You can buy premium passes to increase your XP gain
($5 for 24 hours
$10 for 1 week
$20 for 1 month
$40 for 3 months)

You can also simply buy XP
($5 for 10 million XP
$10 for 25 million XP
$20 for 50 million XP
$40 for 115 million XP
$60 for 240 million XP
$80 for 500 million XP)

Campaign owners get a free 1 month of premium and a free 25 million XP

Each level costs 2 million and rewards 4-6 cosmetic items per level, 1 of which is an armor piece
Every 10 levels, you 2 armor pieces instead of 1.

Events cost 2 million per level and reward 1-2 cosmetic items

Do you like this system?
  • Yes
  • Yes but it needs some work
  • No
  • No but I don’t like the current one

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maybe add a teamwork xp like in mcc

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sounds kinda grindy and time-investing ngl - something i only have time to do on certain occasions, but overall i think it’s a pretty good system

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Well, it is supposed to be that way so you have to pay to get everything.
I think it would be a pretty good compromise for the players and the devs.
We can grind out everything (and never run out of stuff to get) and then the devs can get money from whales and people who want to skip some of the grind

I added in milestones, so that should help with the grind factor some

I’d rather have a permanent long term progression system rather than one that resets each season. Obviously because of this I think rewards relating to it should be spread further apart but still be of high quality. Don’t want to see no emblems 343.

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