Progression is scuffed but not even the biggest issue

I get that people want to actually get the items they paid for and the progression system is still bad even with the bandaid fix for per match xp, but there are far bigger issues to address imo.

  • rubber banding
  • bullets that curve around walls
  • invisible walls that knock my grenades back at me
  • lack of maps (this will get stale before the battle pass does)
  • heavy aim and super low bullet magnetism that makes the gunplay less satisfying
  • Aside from rockets the power weapons seem way underpowered
  • melee blanks and player collision
  • no playlist match composer
  • no server selection
  • radar range

That’s not even including the lack of co-op or forge for months.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something but to me progression is lower on a long list of problems.

Even with all of that being said, I’m really enjoying the game and glad to see that 343i is addressing feedback and making Halo great again.