Progression for winning

Hello 343,

I am a new Halo-Player (Halo Infinite is my first Halo) and I really love the Multiplayer until now. Of course, like everybody, I hope that the progression will speed up a little bit the more you tweak it based on community feedback and also, that good performance will be rewarded (meaning, that for example a Multikill will be translated into at least a bit of progression)

The most important Issue you have to fix in my opinion is however, that in Quick-Play and BTB WE NEED PROGRESSION BASED ON WINS. I can already see in some matches how people start only caring about their challenges and not whether the team is actually scoring right now and I think this will only worsen over time if you don’t do anything about it. This would make Quick Play and BTB almost unplayable for people like me, who really want to play based on objectives and not only play Slayer every match regardless of the actual GameMode.

Thanks for listening to the Community so far. I really hope you do address this problem at some point before Launch.