Progression Feedback for Halo Infinite

Hey, so its been about a week since the launch of the multiplayer and i know alot of other people have their own feedback and what not but i felt i should put up my own thoughts on what could be addressed and how.

  • Progression as a whole: To be honest the whole system needs a redo, challenges should be similar to how they work in MCC but also there should be a proper leveling system like in previous halo’s, one that comes to mind is Halo: Reach. And just tie just a majority of the armor pieces for the Mark VII armor core to that progression system, with ofc some premium stuff in the store (but honestly if its in the store it better be worth it)

  • Challenges: Challenges shouldn’t be your main source of XP, my thoughts on this is that you should have like 3 or 4 dailies and like 2 or 3 weekly challenges. Daily challenges award you with extra XP on completion while Weekly challenge give you tokens to use on a rotating vendor similar to the one in MCC, stuff you cant buy nor can just simply unlock through leveling. It also makes it so you really do feel rewarded for your time. Finally Event challenges, there should be a separate category for event challenges and you should be able to finish the pass on the first week if you WANT to, forcing people to wait is not a cool thing and honestly just annoys people.

  • Armor Coatings: Ok, im ok with armor coatings in general BUT they should be UNIVERSAL, meaning you should be able to use any armor coating on any armor core, that includes the ones from kits (cough cough, HCS, cough) its just a cash grab if you let someone unlock a armor coating they like on one armor core for free and have to buy it AGAIN for another, plus some of us want to use those cool -Yoink!- armor coatings for HCS on our own spartans thank you.

This is just what i have off the top of my head right now, other gameplay wise i love this game. if you have any thoughts please feel free the reply to this and please 343 SEE THIS…