Progression beyond the Battle Pass

We’ve heard all of the conversation regarding XP per match vs Challenges, it’s a fair discussion and I too would like XP per match. However that isn’t my greatest concern. Once completed (did the 30 levels in no time in the Beta), what is there other than the occasional special event for the next 2-3 months? It seems like the answer is nothing?

I’d like to suggest even the most simple of methods, something Destiny 2 does. Have a number next to each players name, it resets every Battle Pass (3 months). Once you reach 100 and unlock everything in the BP, great. But beyond that, if you grind to 742, then so be it. It gives some sort of reward, no matter how superficial, for completing challenges that are rewarding you XP to absolutely nothing at the moment.

TLDR: BP level next to player names. Let it go beyond 100.