seems like a huge step forward. searching times are much better. Finds players pretty quickly. Sets teams once there is either an even number of players (priority goes to filling the lobby it seems) and the game start up seems okay other than the long load screen after vote.
still having problems reconnecting with parties after backing out/switching lobbies and also getting them together as well. But at this point, that’s something I’m willing to sacrifice a couple a minutes for as long as we can play…
keep it up 343! Really hoping this gets to max (or really high) capacity very soon. (Not sure what that Really is still but that’s okay)

Sounds good!

?Yeah, its nice to be able to find a game in a decent time. I cant seem to find the patch notes though.

Now mabey they will fix max party size back down to 4v4 :frowning:

I hope so^*…

Strangely enough I’m stuck in a lobby looping through host migration