Progress/Unlocks Deleted/Missing Issues Again

So, I noted the previous thread on this was locked, but I’m noticing these problems happening again, and I figured I’d document a few of them. I’m on Xbox One, I don’t use a PC or switch between any systems/consoles, and I just noticed these issues today. A hard restart of the Xbox did not initially resolve most of them. I know I had at least two game saves from before, one as of yesterday(made shortly after the patch fix) and another from before the initial patch fix dropped (this one never did reappear), but both are now lost and don’t appear to exist anywhere but the Xbox hard drive, where it does list save data still present.

  1. All save data is now not recognized by the game as existing. The game thinks there is no save data at all to read, but the Xbox definitely knows it is there and it was very accessible and showed up in the Load Game screen the day prior. New save data created is recognized. Attempting to load any core mission and the first of the Spearbreaker missions goes just fine as if the game recognizes I’ve unlocked them.

  2. This was the first one I noticed, all the Phoenix logs reset to Unread status. Re-reading them solved it.

  3. In checking the Missions screen, while virtually all of my progress is accurately listed as complete, including the skulls/medals/mission times/difficulty completions, the mission One Three Zero lists only 2/3 Optional Objectives complete, but Waypoint, the achievement, and my having redone the campaign many times to get the achievement under the previous iteration of these issues tells me I got all of them.

  4. Both of the last two cutscenes in Theater (Departures and Halt) are listed as locked, despite having completed the campaign many times before.

  5. After creating a new save with the first mission of Spearbreaker, the game wiped my service record rank down to Recruit (leaving the somewhat-accurate game time stats intact, they haven’t been accurate since the initial progress lost bugs), but on Waypoint it accurately lists me as Brig. General. Restarting the game fixed this.