Progress on Target Master

So I unlocked the 3rd Target Master Commendation Weapon Skin (the Black/Red one) and I really like the aesthetics of the skin in game. Pretty sure I’ll keep that as my permanent magnum skin since it is unlikely I’ll get the other two skins before I reach 152. I’m curious as to which Target Master skins you all have unlocked and which one is your favorite.

3rd one is the best by far

Just unlocked the first one recently, didn’t like it, and can’t even recall what they all look like honestly.

The skins are a great idea and I wanted to attempt unlocking them all, but the game’s UI, gametype selection, and sandbox are all in such a horrid state that any desire to acquire those skins is quickly snuffed out.

I’ve got them all. I love the final (gold) one :slight_smile:

20 wins from the black one and looking forward to it

Only the first one so far but I play MCC as well.

17 wins :slight_smile: All I do is play customs.

I’m 1/3 through level 4 and I’m hoping the Silver and gold skins exceed my expectations.

I have none of them.

I like the 2nd and 3rd ones. I’ll probably switch between those and spirit of fire

I only unlocked the first one so far and I don’t really have a favorite yet.

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> 3rd one is the best by far

Out of the ones I’ve seen, I have to agree.

I know it’s not far but I am almost at the first one,but if it counted previous wins I would be closer to the 2nd one

I need a little over 100 for the last one, but Blackout has been stealing me away :slight_smile:

First 2 unlocked and about 60 wins to go until I get the black and red one. Cannot wait. Don’t really like the first 2 but have a feeling I’ll be rocking the third one for a while.

Where do I check my progress?

The third one (Black) and the final one (Gold, but shiny af) are my favourites and seem to be the general consensus from what I’ve seen. A good way to get wins is to play swat if you like swat (5 min games) or social modes (:

I have all of them and the last one is my favorite

> 2535473602309880;17:
> Where do I check my progress?

Game Mode commendations screen