Progress from 360 games to MCC

So, let’s say I have progress on halo reach and I have a set of armour that took me damn well forever to get, will that armour be transferred to the MCC PC?

> A. Within MCC, yes, your progress and progression will carry-over between the console and PC versions. All stats, achievements, Forged maps, and game variants will be shared between all of the games within MCC. Mid mission saves will be unique to each platform and cannot be shared.
> Your Halo: Reach unlocks and progression from the original game on Xbox 360 will NOT carry over to MCC.
> And as a reminder, MCC on Steam will require a free Microsoft Account, but not Xbox Live Gold.

Check out this thread for more information.

I imagine it will. We have every armor from the previous Halo’s in H5.

As noted above, please see the existing threads in the MCC section. Thanks :slight_smile: