Progress Dissapearance

I don’t know why but every time I leave my halo waypoint account opened in any computer after turning it off, something in my Halo 4 game dissapears. Last month it deleted my Legendary Campaign progress, but left the commendations and the armor rewards given by it. I had to complete the Campaign Solo on Legendary again. Today it deleted the Spartan Ops missions. I deleted the Spartan Ops Season 1.0 from my system and re-downloaded it, and still I couldn’t play Spartan Ops, even when I still have my progress in it shown in my halo waypoint account. I don’t know whats happening. Can it be fixed? Halo is my favorite franchise and it is failing me as a fan.

The Spartan Ops issue is global and will be fixed within the next few hours.

All you can do is wait until is fixed :frowning:

That’s a relief. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to play Spartan Ops again. I enjoy completing the challenges, and I was going to do so today, but I couldn’t. I don’t really care about the Campaign problem anymore, 'cause I just completed the game again.

There’s another thing, my Loadouts usually reset themselves a lot, and my Stance too. Is that normal?