Progress Carryover

I know that all the armor you unlock will carry over from Halo 5 beta to the full release. But has there been any word about stats carrying over too? I would rather start with a clean slate when the full game launches next year.

Read the Halo 5 beta faq but doesn’t mention anything about your rank or service record carrying over.

They better carry over.

I really hope so…

I’m 99.9% sure that our stats, rank, service record won’t carry over to the final game.
I can see a “halo 5 beta stats” section in our service record in the final game, but I doubt it’ll actually carry over.

Just the armor.

They shouldn’t as its a Beta. There are going to be changes to the gameplay and maps, etc for the final game. This isn’t a Destiny-like Beta that happens a month before launch to test server load. this is a Beta to test out Server load but more importantly the gameplay itself. There will be changes to the way we play the game so there is no reasons for keeping our ranks and stats in the beta. The release should be a fresh start for everyone especially since people will be racing to try to get pro/semi-pro as there are limited seats. Armor will carry over

Stats won’t carry over. Anything can change before release and then Beta and Release stats become Apples and Oranges, not Apple Cider with your Apple Pie and a side of Applesauce while sitting under a wooden sign depicting 3 Apples, drunk off Appleton Estate watching Perfect Strangers on your iMac. Gee whiz.