Progress acheivement stuck at 94%

I just completed on normal difficulty so I can appreciate the story and now I want to go through and complete it on heroic/legendary.

I defeated Habringer and the cheevo popped to say I had completed the game, however the “bare your fangs” cheevo for completing the game on normal difficultly is stuck at 94%? I haven’t adjusted any difficulty settings or lost connection.

I just got the cheevo for collecting all armors too, so no issues with that

Any ideas guys?

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Some of my trackers were stuck at a percentage too. I found on a second playthrough, certain achievements that should have unlocked the first time (ie. unlock thrusters) finally unlocked. Then I noticed my trackers for other start moving up again.

I found this as well.
No this specific achievement, but after my first long playthrough, and relaunching the game the following day, I had all sorts of little odd cheevos popping up, even when not doing anything specifically cheevo related.

You could try relaunching the game and booting her up again, though you probably have by this point I guess.

Yep mine is stuck at 94% aswell. I beat the game in legendary and even got the complete the main campaign achievement but all the complete the main campaign on x difficulty are stuck at 94%. Kinda sucks since i don’t want it have to play the whole game on legendary again for it to maybe unlock :frowning:

Thanks for the responses! I managed to unglitch it,I tried new game, nothing, I went into “load game” and for some reason it had saved at 84%, weird… but I booted up that save and the cheevos popped!