profile wont sync right cant access data or Recs

Hi I need some help, when I play halo 5 my profile is not syncing right, I can play but I cant access recs, there is no data, Im always playing in default, cant access weapons nothing. all this happened after halo5 needed an update. Ive talked to Xbox they say the problem is with 343s server. please how do I fix it. Thanks

Same with me. When you log on do you get these errors?

No, I dont what I get is we are unable to sync your profile please retry, so I do about 3 or 4 times, then it seems to sync but it doesnt lets me play but only in default no access to stats or data or recs. its very frustrating. I have reloaded my xbox profile about 6 times done every thing they told me to do, reloaded the game about the same and nothing yet seems to work, so now Im reaching out to this site in hopes that someone knows what to do. I dont know how to access the cloud storage? or to reload my halo profile? maybe thats something I should look into.

I have this issue too, is it a server thing? “We were unable to get your latest saved data” keeps popping up and I can’t access the game. I can go into Online Matches but they do not connect with anyone and My REQ count is 0. It’s really frustrating, so I hope someone can find a solution to this quickly!

I’m having the same issue too now. “We couldn’t get your latest saved data”

Ditto. What nice tride and failed :
1 hard reset
2 disconnecting then reset then load game then selecting profile
3 syncs normally with my roommates account using game, Xbox and wireless… everything I can even immediately.switch from my non functional profile to his and everything is fine
4 just joined a spartan company so maybe that is relevant ?

Any help would be great


Xbox live is down. They just acknowledged it over an hour after it first went down.

I have tried,
hard reset, like 5 times
cleared the Mac
changed my DSNs and DMZ hosting
uninstalled and re installed my profile,
had xbox refresh my profile,
uninstalled and re installed the game twice
cleared the cashe in the bluray three times,
turned off and on my router reset it
in networking turned on and off the “go offline” and “go online” and restarted xbox
and I could keep going nothing has worked and if it has , it was just enough to get my hopes up then it would crash again…

I don’t know if it’s the same problem I have. I can play just fine, reqs update as normal and I can win reqs and use my customizations, but my arena rank always shows that I need to play 10 matches to qualify. If I play a match and go to the match results then it shows my rank (currently silver 4) buy the playlist screen is always showing that I need to qualify.

Also free for all keeps telling me my ping is too high. It’s the only playlist with this message and it’s not even true, I can play just fine.

I have been away for awhile has there been any up dates to this problem, have they fixed it yet?

I am having this issue without seeing any syncing attempts. I can do everything normally, but it says I have 0 req points, and I do not have access to either my requisitions to view them at main menu or use them in a Warzone match. Puts one at a major disadvantage.

Did any of y’all have over 120,000 Req points? If you did, then that would be a pretty weird conspiracy that they won’t let you buy there is legendary packs. but seriously does anybody have a clue of how to get this working again coz it’s frustrating my sons is working in he is right across the Hall.

When I try and play around 3pm UK time, my profile can’t sync and then around 10pm Uk time, it all the of sudde works and i can play. Iv tried everything to try and fix it but nothing worked, even on my phone halo waypoint won’t load until the same time. Does anyone know a fix?

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