Profile Sync Error?

I’m trying to get a better of understanding of why my friends and I are receiving Profile Sync Errors with Halo 5. Everything on my end is working optimally from my console to my router and IP provider. I have noticed an increase of the PSEs over the holidays and today. I have also noticed that when there are PSEs, the forums act up as well. I would love to hear an explanation and or a fix of the problem. Thanks.


This was a problem a few days back. For some reason a lot of players profiles were sent back to recruit status. It seems to be fine now as our armor and badges are now reflecting what we had before this weird system glitch.

Server issues. Been happening a lot lately. Still happens. You can still play and advance in ranks but yours and some other people will be showing emblems all white, Spartan rank1 and in default armor set. it’s annoying but it is not your fault. It’s the servers.