Profile Sync Error

I get this error every single time I start Halo 5, yet nothing is ever wrong.

I also get the Req server error every single time I log in. But there is actually something wrong there, the slow -Yoink- REQ server.

Anyone else get both of these errors every time you log on?

Yes I have the same problem not only that but also lost a lot of rec points after matches.

Yeah I get it too. Maybe it’s because our Internet connection is slow? Idk, I’ve never lost req points though that sucks

I have that problem too . Every ducking time I log in. Can’t review my Reqs. What’s even worse is i have been getting DCd so often the past 3 days. 80% of my matches lol. It’s Xbox live. and its unforgivable. first time I have contemplated switching to teh ps4 . it’s that bad

Sounds like bad internet is the problem here. I’ve never experienced any of this.